We Connect Youth Filmmakers to Companies with a Cause


Youth Impact Films is an educational company that creates high-quality films for public interest enterprises at an affordable cost.


Youth Impact Films partners high school filmmakers with public interest enterprises looking for a high quality video at a lower cost. Youth Impact filmmakers get valuable filmmaking experience. Clients get professional quality videos at a lower cost.   It's a win-win.


Who We Are

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Hire a Youth Filmmaker

Hiring a Youth Impact Films filmmaker guarantees that you will receive a high quality video, while also providing a valuable experience to an upcoming filmmaker. All of our filmmakers will do professional work, since videos will be added to their reel.

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High Quality - Lower Cost

Youth Impact Films filmmakers are vetted on their skills and work ethic. Youth Impact Films follows an industry standard production process and guarantees a lower cost, without compromising video quality or professionalism.

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We Help Tell Your Story

We recognize that telling your story in an emotional way is important to engage your volunteers and solicit donations. Our process focuses on telling the story of the company by using personal interviews and action footage.


Impact the Future with Film.